New T-Shirt Range from Two in the Shirt aka T.I.T.S.

Two in the Shirt New T-Shirt Release

We were excited to see this in our inbox this morning! It’s the brand new t-shirt range from Two in the Shirt!

“Two in the Shirt or T.I.T.S. Brand is a fashionable example of what can come from a love of women and a quick wit. Heavily concept based, each design uses the female form as its focal point while integrating a clever concept relating to pop culture and classic references.

Because of the variety of concepts, this street fashion brand appeals to consumers in every subculture. The hope is that everyone will find their ideal woman on a shirt or a concept to identify with, no matter your interests or lifestyle …

T.I.T.S. is for everyone!”

Two in the Shirt Logo Tees

If you haven’t heard of Two in the Shirt before, their designs are all themed around pin up / glamor models.

We love these new designs and they’re here right on time for Christmas!

Go and grab some of their tees here!